Hello. This is my resume’. If you are reading this, chances are we’re interested in working together.

In this resume’ you will find a bunch of links to different websites/ companies I’ve created… as well as links to other examples my work.

Deep dive and check stuff out. Let me know what you think and how you see us working together.


About me:

Originally from Connecticut, I moved to Los Angeles, California at the age of 19 and have lived in So Cal ever since.

Hollywood / Santa Monica / Las Vegas / San Fransisco / San Diego / Denver / CT / Boston / NYC / Philadelphia / Tampa … hung out/ made friends in lots of places…

I now reside in San Diego

I have spent a lot of my time traveling around… exploring, networking… attending tons of trade shows and conferences… concerts, parties… events… VIP meetings, etc… lots of skateparks… ski resorts…


I’ve worked for / with many interesting people / companies.

  • I’ve done video editing work for companies

  • I’ve done camera-work for events

  • I’ve done online guerrilla online and field marketing

  • I’ve worked as a sort order cook at a few restaurants

  • I’ve been a successful salesman at a high-end boutique store on Melrose Avenue

  • I’ve been a Music Video Extra in a bunch of well-known music videos



  • Photoshop / Illustrator / Adobe Suite

  • Unity 3D / C#

  • iOS App Development / Android App Development

  • HTML5 / Web design

  • Photography

  • Cinematography

  • Final Cut Pro (Video Editing Master)

  • Ableton Live (Music-making software)

  • lots others I can’t remember…


Work History:

2015-Current – Lead Developer / CEO of HFC Media Inc.

  • HFC Media Inc. is a Holding Company that owns these companies:

    • 4D VIEWR (Augmented Reality Mobile App)

    • The Holographic Internet (a new 4D platform /collection of holographic 4D webpages)

    • Holographic Skate Coasters (a holographic skateboard magazine)

    • Holographic Snow Coasters (a holographic snowboard magazine)

    • Hologrpahic Weed Coasters (a holographic cannabis magazine)

    • FUNN Magazine (100% Holographic Magazine)

2000-2008 – Skateboard Cinematographer . Skateboard Video producer for Broken Lens Productions

  • Broken Lens Productions (Cinematographer / web designer /  video editing)

    • Tr1al and Error (Skateboard Film)




Additional work experience / accomplishments:

Film Credits in:

  • Natural Koncepts video 1+2

  • Progression Skateboard Video Magazine

2000-2002 – Guerilla Online Marketer – Guerilla PR – Melrose Ave (Hollywood, CA)


Music Video Extra in:

  • Madonna – Ray of Light
  • Metallica – Fuel
  • Pink – Don’t Let Me Get Me
  • Sugar Ray
  • Enrique Iglesias
  • Anastasia
  • Anastasia

Movies I’m in:

  • Deal of a Lifetime (TV Movie)
  • Pacific Blue (TV Show)

Other skills:

  • I can Skateboard
  • I can Snowboard

Contact Info:


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