I moved to California a year after high school and hung out living and skating thru-out Los Angeles.. Hollywood… the beach etc…  … school, work, filming friends… doin all kinds of fun and interesting shit. Casting agents and music video directors, etc would meet one of us in our crew and get us to be extras / skaters / stunt men for movies tv shows and music videos.  Cool and easy pay.. and you get to bring your friends and you all get paid pretty good… Hollywood sucks now… but it used to be pretty fun for us (without having to be attached to all of that wack shit other people had to go through.


Pink – “Don’t Let Me Get Me”

Pink pushes me at the 2:25 mark. I’m in the grey beanie on the left.


Madonna – Ray of Light

I’m in the Hawaiian Shirt and the Yellow Beanie (in the dance scene at the end).

1HR of B-ROLL (the video below):

There I am in the beanie

Marylyn Manson – “Tainted Love”

This music video was epic. Me and my homie Bob Gnarly got paid to be skater/ extras in Marylyn Manson’s video for their cover of “Tainted Love”… This music video was for some Cheerleading movie parody I think with that celeb chick Jamie Presley and some other celebs I forgot…

more details later… (I was on set all day and we filmed some skate shit into the pool at the end, but it got cut out…I’m also in the background of the car scene and the house party scenes). We also go to hang out with Izzy and that one girl… Gwen McGowen or something… and Marylyn Manson got my and my 2 skate buds a 18 pack of beer after we launched in the pool/ jacuzzi… and they paid us good money to be there.

Good times

Metallica – Fuel

Anastasia – 1 – “I’m Out of Love”

Anastasia – 2 – “One Day In Your Life”

Sugar Ray – “Every Morning”

Enrique Iglesias – Bailamos